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The wheel is an intersubjectivity engine: It is intended to allow people to coordinate their subjective experiences and to agree about the language to be used in sharing those subjective experiences with others. Like similar tools, the Wheel is also an objectivity engine.

Steven Shapin
historian & philosopher of science
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Shapin, S. (2016). A taste of science: Making the subjective objective in the California wine world. Social Studies of Science, 46(3), 436–460, p. 450f.

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Smells are not decodable. Nor can they be inventoried, for no inventory of them can have either a beginning or an end.

Henri Lefebvre
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Lefebvre, H. (1991). The production of space. Oxford, OX, UK; Cambridge, Mass., USA: Blackwell, p. 198.

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One could well imagine a set of 340 or more primary molecules, or molecular pieces or other singular entities, which would form the basis of anything the human nose can smell. Let us call them «osmonemes», like phonemes in linguistics (but yet to be discovered, confirmed or proven wrong). One possibility is that each of them would excite one, and only one, receptor of the 340 or so different active receptors located in the human nose.

Christophe Laudamiel
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Laudamiel, C. (2010). Perfumery—The Wizardy of Volatile Molecules. In A. Herrmann (Ed.), The Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles (pp. 291–305). Wiley, p. 296.

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