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If olfaction were his most important sense, man’s linguistic incapacity to describe olfactory sensations would turn him into a creature tied to his environment. Because they are ephemeral, olfactory sensations can never provide a persistent stimulus of thought. Thus, the development of the sense of smell seems to be inversely related to the development of intelligence.

Alain Corbin
scholar of sensory studies
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Corbin, A. 1986 (1982). The foul and the fragrant: odor and the French social imagination. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, p. 6.

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An everlasting fragrance is a paradox.

Theodor Adorno
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Adorno, T. W. (1996). Aesthetic theory. London & New York: Continuum, p. 68.

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We live in an age of ephemerality: The point for me is to expect everything else to become like perfume.

Brian Eno
pioneer in ambient music
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Eno, B. (1992, Juli). Details Magazine: Scents and Sensibility. (last visited 22. August 2017).

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