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At this point the main theme is introduced: heat as radiated from a blazing hot stove plate or hot liquid metal. While the smell of cold metal results from the reductive decomposition of skin lipid peroxides into C6–C10 alkanals and 1-octen-3- one as key odorants, the smell of hot iron for instance upon ironing laundry rather results from medium-sized macrocyclic lactones likely formed from fats, oils and waxes on the hot metal surface. Oxacyclotridecan-2-one is such a 13-membered lactone which typically smells of hot iron and liquid metal, and albeit not being used in perfumery, it is instantly recognizable in Laudamiel’s «heat».

Philip Kraft
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Kraft, P. (2018). Essay: The Odor Value Concept in the Formal Analysis of Olfactory Art. Helvetica Chimica Acta, p. 12.

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