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Filth seems to arouse nausea not so much through what is repugnant to the eyes and tongue as through the stench that we presume it has.

Immanuel Kant
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Kant, I. (2007). Anthropology, history, and education. (G. Zöller & R. B. Louden, Eds.) Cambridge edition of the works of Immanuel Kant in translation. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Pres, p. 269.

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Vision can no longer be employed simply to support verbal and conceptual meanings; its potential as a cognitive power in its own right must be exploited.

Gyorgy Kepes
designer & art theorist
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Kepes, G. (1965). Introduction. In G. Kepes (Ed.), Education of Vision (pp. i–vii). George Braziller. Kepes, G. (Ed.). (1965). Education of Vision. George Braziller, p. v.

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What is often said about the «power» the image is indeed that its impact is immediate and powerful even when its precise meaning remains, as it were, vague, suspended-numinous.

Stuart Hall
scholar of cultural studies
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Hall, S. (1999). Looking and Subjectivity: Introduction, in J. Evans and S. Hall (eds) Visual Culture: The Reader, pp. 309–14. London: Sage, p. 311.

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With the help of the visual concept, the user looks at the emotion through the eyes of the art director. The images specifies the emotion more precisely than text. They communicate his personal interpretation of «trust» beyond the sense of the word.

Claus Noppeney & Robert Lzicar
design researcher
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Noppeney, C. & Lzicar, R. (2012). Seeing Trust – Smelling Trust. Communicating Emotions Through Design in Artistic Perfumery. Proceedings of 8th International Design and Emotion Conference, London 2012 Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, 11-14 September 2012, Edited by J. Brassett, J. McDonnell & M. Malpass.

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