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Perfumer : Well, when I looked at the concept there was really an explosion of things: freshness, green things like summer rain…

Creative Director: the idea was also something paperyness, you know.

Perfumer: What ?

Creative director: Some paper, some paper, something that is papery, well, like paper

Perfumer: OK, yes.

Creative director: Paper.

Perfumer: Paper, like, well, paper.

Creative director: Yes, exactly, yes. It became too musky on my hairy skin. It could be less musky. It could have been a little bit less musky, but it developed very nicely on the skin.

Perfumer: Oh perfect…. I have the time to work on this. Sometimes, there are surprises, you know, like in the previous perfume, so, would you, do you like a papery note in it or should it smell like paper?

Creative director: No, no, a papery note would be a nice add-on.

Perfumer: Ah, ok, bon, a papery note, I have one or two ideas; we could do this with some ingredients that create an effect and could fit…Well, it would not disturb the beginning and it would add another facet to the background.

Claus Noppeney & Nada Endrissat
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Noppeney, C. & Endrissat, N. (2011). CROSSING SENSES: ENCODING & DECODING MEANING IN ARTISTIC PERFUMERY. Paper for presentation at the 28th EGOS Colloquium in Helsinki July 5-7 2011, Sub-theme 13: In Search for Meaning: Rethinking and Energizing Research on Creative Industries. 

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